The Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. welcomed in their headquarters in Athens, in the beginning of September 2019, the General Director of LT-Pyrkal Mr.Gagik Buniatyan, in the framework of upgrading the cooperation between the two companies.

The subsidiary company of LT-Pyrkal, situated in Armenia, is a pioneer in the field of optoelectronics, lenses and laser systems, with a strong research and development potential and provides extra specialized products and services at global level.

The board of administration of Hellenic Defence Systems has activated, during the last six months, the administrative structures and the scientific and research personnel of the company, in order to develop the necessary background for a better both way expansion of the know-how and the development of ultra modern products.

The General Director of LT-Pyrkal visited the installations of Hellenic Defence Systems and had discussions on cooperation with the General Directions of Research, Development & Production and targets were set for the next period.

Following an invitation of the Chairman of the B.o.D. of Hellenic Defense Systems, Mr.Buniatyan briefed the Board on the history of the development of LT-Pyrkal, the course of cooperation – which had practically ceased during the previous years – as well as on the perspectives and the current issues.

In this informative meeting, participated also the members of the B.o.D. of LT-Pyrkal, designated by the Greek side, namely the Vice Chairman of Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. and LT-Pyrkal Mr.Christos Petrakos, the Deputy C.E.O. of Hellenic Defence Systems Mr. Anastasios Antoniou, the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.) Mr.Ioannis Kapantaidakis and Mr. Odysseas Kitsakis.

Among others, there was a report on the very positive participation of LT PYRKAL in the Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Munich, in which was attended also by representatives of Hellenic Defence Systems S.A.

Conclusively, the two sides underlined the importance and the necessity to continue the efforts for strengthening the close relation and cooperation.

The Hellenic Defense Systems expect, on their part, to enter, through this cooperation, new sectors of defense industry, in both domestic and international market.