The Hellenic Defence Systems participated in the 5th Athens Flying Week Aviation Development Conference, which was held on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel Great in Athens.

The Chairman of the company Mr. Theofilos Vasileiou participated as a speaker in the section “The Development of the Hellenic Defence Industry-Aerospace Technology”.

During his presentation, subtitled “Strategic Planning, Research and Innovation as a decisive perspective for the development of the Hellenic Defense Industry”, Μr. Vasileiou referred to the problems of the Hellenic Defence Industry and the HDS in particular, that come from the past, the difficulties posed today, due to the prolonged economic crisis and the national defense and security threats, traditional and new, asymmetrical, that our country is facing. “This is why, he underlined, there is an urge need to preserve the core area of defense deterrence capacity”.

To this regard, he expressed his optimism for the company, based, firstly, on the expressed political will of the political leadership to maintain the public nature of the company, to support and strengthen it, and secondly, on the strategic choice of the company to invest in research and development, in order to upgrade the products produced and the production of new, innovative, in the high technology sector as well.