“The need of the Greek Defense Industry to respond to the current challenges” was highlighted by the Chairman of the BoD of Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. Mr. Theofilos Vasileiou, during his speech in the EXPOSEC DEFENSEWORLD Conference 2016, themed “National Defence Policy and Strategic Planning Amid Geopolitical Turbulence and Migration flows. The role of HDS”, held on 12 and April 13, 2016, at Athens Lydra Hotel, in Athens, Greece.

Mr. Vasileiou stressed the need for planning the next day for the Greek Defence Industry Reconstruction, in order to become a lever for the National and European Economy, amidst an already volatile geopolitical national situation.

As stated in his speech, Hellenic Defence Systems can answer to the national reconstruction and development, through:

a. The creation of a strategic and operational planning, which is part of the national defense strategy, referring to the operational needs of the Greek Armed Forces, and the need of exportation at the same time.

b. The updating and upgrading of products, along with the use of existing prototypes and production of new, innovative products.

c. The organization and promotion of new technologies related to the HDS’s production of and under the umbrella of a Research Centre.

d. The establishment of organic links with Universities and Technical Universities and other research organizations across the country.

e. The cooperation with the Greek Private Defense Industries.

f. The openness, targeting the foreign markets.

As he characteristically said: “The company has currently an enviable infrastructure, world-class technology, and all the characteristics and prospects of a modern, dynamic Defense Industry. In this respect, the HDS can play a key role in the area of ​​the Greek Defense Industry “.