At the presence of the Minister of National Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos and the Alternate Minister of National Defence Fofi Gennimata, a Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed yesterday by the Hellenic Defence Systems (HDS) and the US CompanyAlliant Techsystems (ATK).

The cooperation programmes between HDS and ATK regard co-production and common development of 30mm ammunition for “APACHE” helicopters, 40L60 ammunition and the development of five more future cooperation programmes.

The Agreement was signed by the HDS Managing Director Sotiris Christogiannis and the Vice President of ATK Dan Olson.

The event was attended by the entire leadership of the Armed Forces, the Special Secretary of the Ministry of National DefenceAntonios Economou, MP of State Chrysanthos Lazaridis, the US Ambassador to Athens David Pearce, as well as cadres of both companies.

After the agreement was signed, the Minister of National Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos stated:

“The signing today of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the HDS and the ΑΤΚ is a turning point to the Defence industry future in Greece and, of course, to our relations with the USA in this field.

You are all aware of the fears and tentative negotiations we conducted in order to maintain HDS in operation and thus to safeguard a major point of reference of the Hellenic Defence Industry. Further, we enhanced the security of supply of the Hellenic Armed Forces which is of crucial, of vital importance for their efficiency and readiness.

It is a vote of confidence for the perspective of HDS and this is only the beginning. HDS based on their knowledge, personnel, expertise and infrastructure should and must obtain its stake in the international markets and contribute to the development of our national economy. Allow me to congratulate the parties for their mutually beneficial agreement and express my belief for a constructive and fruitful continuity.”

The Alternate Minister of National Defence, responsible for defence industry issues, Fofi Gennimata stated:

“Today we confirm a truly strategic choice; a choice which brings closer the defence industries of the traditional friends, partners and allies, Greece and USA. The HDS, one of the most vital Greek companies which has been through very tough times in the recent past comes out of the crisis in a strong and dynamic way demonstrating seriousness, competitiveness and credibility.
Its big counterpart ATK is a great company with reliability and power well established in the international community. The strategic choice shows the intention not only of the two companies to extend their cooperation, but of the two countries as well. It is a strategic choice which has limitless perspectives in the long run and which is based on common values and principles and it is neither a temporary nor an opportunistic agreement.

The word agreement proves that today we are not spending our time on wishful thinking and potential collaboration.”

The Vice President of ΑΤΚ Dan Olson, after the agreement with HDS was signed, he said:

“I am happy that we have emerged stronger and I think, based on what I have seen today in touring the facilities at HDS, the capabilities that HDS has. I have more confidence today in what this partnership can achieve than ever before. I expect that as we work together with HDS we will be able to look at other things we can do together collaboratively, coproduction, co-development.”