The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense of Greece, organized a Defense Industry Day, on 2nd October, 2017 in Nicosia, with a view of informing and promoting cooperation and synergy between the Greek and Cypriot companies, active in the defense sector.

The company was represented by the C.E.O. Mr. Theofilos Vasileiou. In his intervention, the C.E.O. referred to the long history and experience of the company, which date back to 140 years, under the form of Pyrkal, one of the two companies, Pyrkal and EVO, that merged in 2004 and became Hellenic Defence Systems.

Referring to today’s challenges, the CEO stressed that HDS was not confined only to the traditional role of the main supplier of Greek Armed Forces in ammunition and light weapons. At the same time, they aimed at their participation in the technological cosmogony that takes place in the defense sector. HDS, for example, took part in the production of the STINGER missile and in the production of the IRIS air-to-air missile. They also participate in the upgrading of PATRIOT long-range missiles and the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

In addition, the Company has given particular emphasis to boost research and development, which is crucial for the future.

Finally, the C.E.O. concluded that “Greece and Cyprus, including the Greek Diaspora, have a well-trained and specialized scientific and technological human potential. Its exploitation can provide a range of innovative research and development programs, including the European, in dual-use areas and in areas dedicated exclusively to Defense. Cooperation in this area of ​​Greece and Cyprus has been slow to come. But it is time to make every effort to compensate the lost time and to give it all the dynamics that circumstances require and demand. ”

At the same occasion, Mr. Vasileiou had meetings with officials of the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus on cooperation issues.