There are 3 Ballistic tests sites operating at HDS premises :

1. The Ballistic Tests Laboratory - Ballistic Station at Hymettus Plant (Athens) for testing  small caliber ammunition and anti ballistic equipment.

The Laboratory is  certified by NATO as a National Test Center for testing small caliber ammunition.

It is also accredited by the Hellenic National Accreditation System (ESYD) in compliance with ISO /IEC 17025 standard since March 2009 for the following scopes :

a. ballistic resistance of personal body armor.

b. testing and classification of bullet attack resistance of buildings and security glazing. 

c. testing and classification of bullet attack resistance of windows, doors, shutters and blinds.

The Laboratory , operated by  highly skilled personnel, covers an area of 450 m2 and  including  five tunnels of 50m to 200 m length  and is fully equipped.

2. The Ballistic Station at Aeghion Plant for testing  Aeghion plant production (mainly arms ) . Tests facilities site is  located inside Aeghion Plant premises.  

3. The Ballistic station at Lavrion Plant for testing  medium caliber ammunition. Ballistic tests are executed at proving range of 200m located inside the Plant .

In addition HDS uses various Hellenic Ministry of Defence proving grounds (mainly Koskina proving ground at Evia island) for testing large and medium caliber ammunition.