The HDS Metrology Laboratory is a part of the Hymettus industrial facilities.

The Lab operates on the basis of clearly documented procedures. The Lab personnel have been trained on the procedures, methods and the proper use of the equipment. They are experienced and capable of performing even the most complex high precision measurements and tests.

The Lab facility covers an area of 300 m2 and it has been specially designed to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurements and tests performed. The calibration part of the Lab has been built on special foundations to ensure vibration isolation. The lab is equipped with special black granite work benches (class 1 and 00 according to DIN 876).
The environmental conditions within the Lab comply with the international technical specifications for such facilities and they are maintained with the use of a special air conditioning system which keeps the temperature at 20°C ± 5°C and the humidity at a level between 50% – 60%.

The Lab equipment includes common and special micrometers, electronic vertical height gauges, granite application plates, lever gauges, prototype rectangular guage blocks, prototype spheres and cylinders, calibration devices for measuring instruments, and the following measuring machines:
Measuring machine PMM 866-3D, for large pieces – precision: up to 0,50 μm.
Measuring machine SIP – 302M, for cylindrical and flat objects, inner and outer threads etc. – precision: up to 0,40 μm.
Measuring microscope UMW – SKI, with magnifying lenses and an incident light inspection accessory for “blind” measurement points, the measurement of contours, angles, radii, thread angles, etc.
Mechanical comparator TESA UPD, complete with accessories (precision electronic thermometer with 4 sensors, monochromatic light source, optical flat etc.) for the calibration of gauge blocks – precision class: 0,1 & 2.
Calibration device MINI – HORIZONTAL, for the calibration of dial gauges, (insertable axis type dial gauges, lever type dial gauges, etc.) and the calibration of various small instruments – precision: up to 0,40 μm.
Vertical height measuring device TRIMOS V600+, for measuring heights, as well as distances between hole centers – precision: 1 μm.

The Lab design and equipment, as well as its skilled personnel ensure the reliability of the wide range of applications performed in the Lab for HDS and its customers.