EAS, combining the modern and of advanced technology mechanical equip-ment it possesses, installed in 5 factories, with its highly qualified scientific personnel, offers products and services of high quality both to the Greek as well as to the International markets.

Today, EAS has succeeded:

  • To be the Exclusive Supplier of the Greek Armed and Security Forces on Weapons and Ammunition produced in Greece.
  • To be Qualified Manufacturer & Supplier on defence material by a numerous MoDs worldwide such as USA, French, Indian etc.
  • To be the only Licensed by Heckler & Koch manufacturer of 7.62mm G3 automatic rifles in Europe.
  • To fully support the Greek MoD in upgrading & modernization of the country’s arsenal.
  • To be a member of the Consortium which has developed the IRIS-T air to air missile. Manufacturer of the missile’s Warhead&Safety-Arming Unit.
  • To be certified by NATO as MADF (Missile Assembly Disassembly Facility). One of the five existing facilities worldwide.