Quality Management

EAS has gained a reputation at home and abroad of the high quality and reliability of its products.

To assure the full conformance with requirements and specifications, EAS has built up and maintains a comprehensive and disciplined Quality System, which controls all stages of production starting from raw material and finished to the final product.

EAS’ Quality System is complying with the International standard ISO 9001:20015 and applies to all company’s installations.

In addition, EAS following the requirements of Hellenic and foreign Ministries of Defence implements the provisions of NATO standards AQAP-2110.

The Quality System’s application is permanently monitoring by resident Hellenic Government Quality Assurance Representatives.

Further to the above, EAS operates a significant number of well-equipped laboratories which ensure the reliability and the high standards of the tests and measurements being made on the products. A series of tests in accordance with MIL-SPECs, STANAGS, ASTM, EN, ISO, DIN as well as the relevant ammunition or weapon system specifications are performed.

Among the various labs, the Metrology lab, as well as the Ballistics lab, installed in the Hymettus plant, are accredited  by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) against the  Laboratory Standard EN 17025 for various scopes . Furthermore the Ballistics Lab is certified by NATO as National Center for testing small caliber ammunition.

There are also two ballistic stations, at Aeghion and Lavrio Plant where local products are tested.