Within the international defence market and additionally to its credits as a reliable supplier EAS has also established reputation as an efficient partner of the leading international defence industries both in the R & D field by exchanging know-how as well as in the manufacturing field, through the co-production of defence products.

Partnerships' Map

Into this frame, EAS cooperates in:

  • The co-production of the European IRIS-T Air to Air missile, by manufacturing the warhead and the safety & arming device of the missile.EAS has been also a member of the consortium that has developed the missile.
  • The manufacturing and assembly of the canisters for the PATRIOT missile system
  • The European production program of the STINGER Ground to Air rocket, by manufacturing the warhead of the rocket
  • The manufacturing, assembly and integration of the V-SHORAD Anti-aircraft missile system, ASRAD-HELLAS
  • The manufacturing of components and the assembly of the Gun L55 for MBT LEOPARD 2HEL
  • The manufacturing of 30mm Naval Turrets
  • The manufacturing of components and the integration of MILAN Anti-Tank system
  • The integration of the medium range Anti-tank system KORNET-E
  • The modernization of the 35mm Anti-aircraft system VELOS V-SHORAD