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7.62 mm MG3
Machine Gun
The MG3 is a short recoil-operated, belt-fed, heavy-barrelled, air-cooled machine gun suitable for bursts and sustained fire. It can be fed from the DM1 continuous belt or either the DM6 or the US M13 disintegrating link belts. In the loaded state the sear always holds the bolt in rear position and therefore the possibility of “cook-off” is eliminated. Barrel changing is quick and simple. The gun can easily be field-stripped into its main components without tools. The short-recoil action and the recoilbuffer unit reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb to the minimum and thus contribute to accuracy. The cold-hammered barrel is made of special high-strength steel and its chamber and bore are chrome-plated for long service life. All other metal components are also made of special steel while the stock is made of high-strength plastic. The weapon can also be supplied with a receiver and cap and no stock. The sighting system includes a folding slide-type rearsight (moving on a ramp) with a V-notch which is adjustable for elevation out to 1.200 m. (Windage is adjusted by moving foresight in dovetail). A folding AA sight is also included. Thanks to its portability, ruggedness, high accuracy and reliability, versatility and simplicity of operation and maintenance this machine gun is highly favoured by all military units of many countries. The MG3 can be used in the assault, support or defensive roles and for fighting against point or mass targets. It can be installed on armoured vehicles, patrol boats or in helicopters. The bipod, which is the usual mount, can quickly be attached and removed. For ground fire applications, the alternative mount, which contributes to even greater stability, accuracy as well as versatility, is the tripod. A pedestal mount for using the MG3 on patrol boats and a specially designed mount for helicopter-door mounting of the gun are also available. The weapon is supplied with a carrying sling and a complete field-service kit.
Method of operation : Short recoil
Method locking : Roller locking
Type of fire : Automatic(burst and sustained fire)

Link belt

Calibre: 7.62 mm (7.62 mm X 51 NATO ammunition)
Rifling: Polygonal RH
Cooling: Air. Quick change barrel

Foresight: Folding barleycorn
Rearsight: Folding slide type with V-notch. Graduated for 200 to 1200 m by 100 m increments
Sights are adjustable for windage and elevation
Sight radius: 430 mm
AA sight: Folding type

Muzzle velocity
820 m/s

Muzzle energy
3150 J

Rate of fire (cyclic)
1000 to 1300 rounds/min

Effective range
650 m

Maximum effective range
1200 m

Weapon without bipod: 10.5 kg
Bipod: 1.06 kg
Barrel: 1.8 kg

Weapon with stock: 1225 mm
Weapon with receiver and cap: 1075 mm
Barrel with extension: 565 mm

Data subject to change without notice.
Brochure: 342 kb
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