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7.62 mm G3
Automatic Rifle
The G3 is a delay blowback-operated, closed-bolt firing rifle capable of semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. It is available in two versions: The G3A3 with a fixed stock and the G3A4 with a retractable stock. The roller-delayed blowback action, the recoil-buffer unit as well as the weapon’s straight line construction contribute to accuracy with extremely low felt recoil and minimum muzzle climb, especially in fully automatic fire. The cold-hammered barrel and all metal components are made of special steel while the handguard, grip and fixed stock are made of high-strength plastic. The lightweight bipod, which provides increased stability for prone fire, can be attached and removed in an instant. The rifle is easily field-stripped and completely disassembled into its components without tools. High accuracy and reliability, simplicity of operation and maintenance, easy training and lightweight yet rugged construction make this weapon ideal for the armed forces. The sighting system includes a rotary-type rearsight which is adjustable for windage and elevation. A telescopic or night sight may easily be fitted. The G3 may be used to launch rifle grenades without any supplementary attachments. A carrying sling and a complete fieldservice kit is supplied with the weapon. A blank firing attachment, a bayonet and, most important, a 40 mm HK 79 Grenade Launcher, which is designed for attachment to the G3 rifle and thus creates a versatile combination weapon, are also available.
Method of operation : Delayed blowback
Method of delay : Rollers
Type of fire : Semi/Fully automatic
Feed : 20-round box magazine

Calibre: 7.62 mm (7.62 mm X 51 NATO ammunition)
Rifling; 4 grooves RH

Sights Mechanical
Foresight: Fixed post
Rearsight: Rotary type with Y-notch for 100m and apertures for 200, 300 and 400m.
Adjustable for windage and elevation
Sight radius; 572 mm

4 X telescopic sight (for 100 to 600 m) Adjustable for windage and elevation

Muzzle velocity
800 m/s

Muzzle energy
3000 J

Rate of fire (cyclic)
500 to 600 rounds/min

Effective range
650 m

A3 without bipod & magazine: 4.47 kg
A4 without bipod & magazine: 4.7 kg
Empty magazine: 0.28 kg
Bipod: 0.29 kg

A3/A4, stock extended: 1020 mm
A4, stock retracted: 840 mm
Barrel: 450 mm

Data subject to change without notice.
Brochure: 263 kb
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