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5.56mm Minimi
Machine Gun
The key role of the machine gun in the unit makes reliability a vital factor. Reliable under all conditions Everyday, the MINIMI proves its full reliability in all the conditions likely to be found on the battlefield. Mud, sand, snow, heavy rain, intense humidity will never prevent the MINIMI from instantly delivering its firepower when needed. Outstanding performance in all tests The MINIMI has always performed well above the requirements of all major tests conducted by arnies all over the world. Accessories 200-round plastic box 200-round pouch 100-round pouch blank firing attachment optical sight mount day scope night scope cleaning kit (fits into handguard) carrying bag for space barrel sling
Calibre : 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Modes of Fire : Full Automatic
Operating Principle : Gas operated
Line of Sight Length : 490 mm

Types of Sights
Adjustable rear sight (300 to 1.000 m)
Adjustable front sight
Day or night scopes

Cyclic Rate of Fire
700 to 1.000 rpm

Effective Range
Standard model: 1.000 m
Para model: 8.00 m

Weapon Weight
Without hydraulic buffer: 7.1 kg
With hydraulic buffer: 7.22 kg

Barrel Weight
Standard model: 1.8 kg
Para model: 1.6 kg

Overall Weapon Length
Standard model with fixed composite butt: 1.040 mm
Para model with extended sliding butt: 914 mm
Para model with retracted sliding butt: 766 mm

Barrel Length
Standard model: 465 mm
Para model: 349 mm

Barrel Twist

Weapon Height
Bipod folded: 230 mm (handle folded)
On bipod: 340 mm (handle folded)

Weapon Width
110 mm

Data subject to change without notice.
Brochure: 365 kb
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